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All the Pitman's New Era Shorthand Theory, extensive Links page and more miscellaneous downloads:





Guestbook & Guestmap links page for all the sites:





Feedback form page for all the sites:





The most recent blog articles (current and last month) are duplicated on the Blogger site:





Pitman's Snippets, short pieces of scribbled shorthand without key. This site will be moving here at a later date:





Corrections to outlines:




There are a few of the old shorthand reading books in New Era version beginning to appear on archive.org where you can read or download them scanned PDFs:




https://archive.org/details/cihm_80300 A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

https://archive.org/details/daughterofregime00pitm Daughter Of The Regiment and Other Stories


The New Era version of the Shorthand Instructor is now available from there:





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